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Bobby Lounge

Abitian 103

Bobby Lounge

Back In Town LIVE

1. Bobby's Back In Town B. Lounge 4:24
2. Don’t Pity Me B. Lounge 6:24*
3. Muddy River B. Lounge 7:40
4. Bank Of Love B. Lounge 7:40
5. I Will B. Lounge 7:40*
6. I Remember The Night Your Trailer Burned Down B. Lounge 8:21
7. Slime Weasel B. Lounge 4:28
8. I'll Always Be Better Than You B. Lounge 4:49
9. Take Me Back To Abita Springs B. Lounge 7:37

* may not be suitable for radio or children
This live CD includes an assortement of BL anecdotes between the song tracks.